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The story of zufreeden

I (Siobhan) was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago, and as all those with the disease know, huge lifestyle changes were needed. With these came a significant degree of sudden isolation, in that socializing and connecting with others is so often done over a lunch, a dinner, an outdoor market, a festival. With a celiac diagnosis, spontaneity no longer feels possible, and this can have profound effects.  

While this wasn’t so much of a problem living in London due to the multitude of gluten-free establishments, it became very apparent after moving to Zürich, where the same does not apply.

Since Bronwyn and I were already baking our own gluten-free breads and dessert - and with Bronwyn being a professional baker with a wealth of technical experience and knowledge - the decision seemed obvious. Create that space and spontaneity ourselves, where people can enjoy food and company with all of their previous freedoms. Zufreeden was born! 

We are starting with a small café suited to our current capabilities as a two-member team, but can hopefully expand both the space, and team, as we grow.


Siobhan Fury

Helloo! I’m Siobhan - pronounced Shavon, or Shewan in German (no, it’s not a problem if you never get it right 😋). I’m a Canadian who grew up in Singapore and Bali, lived in Sydney and London, and am now lucky enough to call Switzerland my home. 

I am a massive animal lover and worked as a veterinary nurse for 10 years - an incredibly tough and sadly underappreciated career - please give your local TPA some love!


I have now put that passion on hold (while still becoming a puddle every time I see a cat/dog/insert animal) to make room for my other passion - making people happy! What better way to do that then to share what makes me happy - healthy and tasty gluten free food, and cozy cafés! 

In my spare time, I love hiking and swimming my way through Switzerland with my family, singing Disney songs, baking my own bread, chilling at cute cafés, and discovering new indie acts at places like Papiersaal.

Come say hi and feel free to show me every picture of your pet, or even ask for advice 😆


Bronwyn Fury

Hi, I'm Bronwyn, but you can call me Boo (especially if you want to spare yourself from a tricky name in German!).


I've had the privilege of growing up in Canada, Singapore, and Bali, which ignited my love for diverse cultures and flavors. About a decade ago, I took a leap of faith and moved to Switzerland.

A short baking course in lovely Luzern solidified my passion for baking. I knew I had to pursue a Lehre to learn the art of crafting Swiss breads (and delicious Zopf, too).


Since then, I've been perfecting my skills at a cozy family bakery in Volketswil.


A twist in life came when Siobhan and I were diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago. That challenge inspired me to take on the fun but challenging task of creating gluten-free versions of my beloved bread and cherished family recipes.

When I'm not experimenting in the kitchen, I'm out wandering or enjoying peaceful moments by the lake with my family. Don't hesitate to say hello or share your own baking adventures—I'm always up for a friendly chat! 😊

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