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Our Daily menu


All of our products are gluten free and are made in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen on site.

We do not use oats or oat flour other than in our Bircher Muesli. 

Products may change due to seasonality. 

DF: Dairy Free

LF: Lactose Free

LF(B): Lactose Free (contains butter)*

*Butter contains only 0.1g lactose per cup (227g). There are no EU laws regarding the labeling of lactose-free products, but according to the
U.S. regulations many of our products are "lactose-free" even though they contain butter
(Lactose is ≤ 0.1 g per 100 g).




We use organic lactose-free milk for our drinks. Gluten-free oat milk and soy milk are also available.

All drinks are served with our signature shortbread cookie (contains egg and butter).

Single / Double Espresso

Americano / Café Creme

Flat White


Steamed and foamed milk served warm

Café Mocha

Milk coffee mixed with real chocolate

Latte Macchiato

* Available iced 

All drinks are also available as takeaway. 

Chai Latte

Steamed milk flavoured with sweetened chai syrup, available "dirty" (shot of coffee)

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Latte macchiato flavoured with sweetened pumpkin cinnamon syrup

Vanilla Latte

Milk coffee with a light vanilla flavour

Hazelnut Latte

Milk coffee with a light hazelnut flavour



English Breakfast
Earl Grey



Matcha Latte (unsweetened)




Ginger Lemon


Cold Drinks

Bio Raspberry Smoothie

Fruit Tea

Orange Juice
Bio Züri Apfelschorle

Bio Ginger Lemon Spritz

Bio Carrot Mandarin Spritz

Bio Cucumber Basil Spritz

Appenzeller Bubbly Water

Appenzeller Still Water


For Breakfast


Bircher Muesli


The Swiss classic. Tangy and sweet glutenfree oats mixed with organic yoghurt and milk, banana, apple and mixed berries.



A Swiss classic. Slightly sweet bread rolls filled with chocolate chips.


A Swiss breakfast must. A small and fluffy yeasted, braided bread with a neutral flavour. Available with our housemade salted butter and jam. 

For Lunch


Wähe (Quiche)


Swiss traditional savoury egg-based tart, served with an optional side salad with tangy Italian vinaigrette.

Lactose-free except for butter, which contains trace amounts of lactose.

Spinach Wähe


Spinach, onion and cheese

Leek Wähe


Leek and cheese

Cheese Wähe


Simply cheese



Sandwich selection varies daily. 

Served with an optional side salad with tangy Italian vinaigrette.

Grilled Cheese


Our favourite! A classic growing up, but elevated. Lactose-free Gruyere, mayonnaise, housemade pickled red onion. Served in our grilled Körnerbrot with housemade salted butter. 



Simple, yet delicious. Swiss lactose-free Brie, homemade salted butter, mustard. Served in our crispy ciabatta bun with rucola. Lactose-free.​​

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil


Fresh tomato, lactose-free mozzarella, sweet basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil. Served on our ciabatta with a touch of salted butter. 

Ham & Cheese


The classic ham and cheese sandwich: Swiss ham, lactose-free Gruyere, mustard, mayonnaise. Served in our crispy ciabatta bun with lettuce and pickle. Lactose-free.

Vegan Salmon


A vegan imitation of a smoked salmon sandwich. (Don’t worry, it’s not fishy at all!). Smoked carrot, vegan cream cheese, dill. Served in our nutty buckwheat bun.

Curried Chicken Salad


Swiss chicken, mayonnaise, mustard, curry powder. Served in our crispy ciabatta bun with lettuce. Dairy free. ​​

Vegan Camembert


Vegan Camembert sandwich featuring creamy New Roots Camembert, red apple, rucola and our housemade tangy dijon vegannaise spread. Served in our nutty buckwheat bun.

Sweet Treats

Vegan Cinnamon Cake


A very popular coffee cake with a sticky molasses-cinnamon layer and cinnamon crumble on top. We recommend having it warmed up!

We mix it up with different fruit depending on the season - rhubarb for spring and peach for summer.

Walnut Brownies


Our signature brownies, fudgy and decadent.

Marble Cake

A classic and super moist buttery vanilla and chocolate pound cake. 

Vegan Muffins


Selection varies. Examples incude apple cinnamon, carrot cake, chocolate, blueberry and raspberry. 



Ever-changing cookies on offer. Classic chewy chocolate chip, matcha white chocolate, black cocoa and salted white chocolate, spiced ginger, peanut butter, the list goes on!

Banana Bread


A childhood favourite. Super banana-ey loaf cake. 

New York Cheesecake

A classic creamy vanilla cheesecake with a hint of lemon, baked on a spiced digestive biscuit base. 

Available Saturdays only.

Breads & Buns



Our mini pretzels, soft and fluffy. Available as the hugely popular "Butterbrezeli" filled with housemade salted butter, or plain.

Vegan Rustic Loaf


Our most popular bread, a hearty and rustic wholegrain loaf made with millet, buckwheat, and linseed flour. Perfect with your favourite spread or sliced meat, dipped into soup, or cut up and toasted for croutons or fondue. 

Poppyseed Buns


Our fluffiest white bread bun with a crunchy exterior, topped with poppy seeds. Perfect with your favourite spread, or simply as a snack on it’s own. Available on Saturdays only or frozen on weekdays.

Vegan Seeded Loaf


A nutritious wholegrain seeded loaf bread made from millet and buckwheat flour, both filled and topped with sesame, linseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Perfect as toast with your favourite spread, or as a sandwich. 

Vegan Buckwheat Buns


A nutty and nutritious buckwheat bun full of sunflower seeds (don’t worry, not overwhelmingly buckwheat flavoured, for those who dislike the taste).

Vegan Wholegrain Baguette


A nutritious wholegrain small baguette, made from millet and buckwheat flour. Perfect sliced and eaten with your favourite cheese or spread, baked in the oven as garlic bread, or cut up for fondue!

Allergen Chart

Please note that we are very careful with our few products containing oats, so that cross-contamination is avoided. However, our non-oat products are baked and handled in the same kitchen and on the same equipment, so we cannot guarantee that our products are free from all traces of nuts or sesame seeds. 

If you need a breakdown of all the ingredients in a product in order to assess whether it is safe for your particular needs, please contact us or ask our friendly staff.

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